Advertising on Factbeep

Reach millions of highly engaged audiences and daily active users. Factbeep work for all advertisers, from global brands to small and medium businesses.

We work with several third parties who play various roles in ensuring that every ads on our platform are verified. Research institutes technological companies and certain stakeholders are some of the people we work with. As business partners, we allow qualified ones to run certain ads on our platform.

Factbeep reserves the right to pull down certain ads if it is discovered to have evaded our necessary checks and balances before being cleared to run. However, it is the user's complete prerogative in patronising them and their products as the case may be. Certain contents that users post or view have such ads embedded in them. Interested users may also be allowed to run specific ads that do not go against our community guidelines and other necessary guidelines.

Audience Targeting and Marketing

Surf through Factbeep’s robust targeting capabilities to elevate and catapult your business to the zenith:

Discover bipers with similar preferences to your regular users

Widen your coverage by finding Factbeep users similar to your existing customers. Semblance Audiences pinpoints Factbeep users that have preferences likened to your existing customer base on Factbeep.

Upload customer data to re-enlist past customers

Reach customers through a customised database consisting of customer emails, phone numbers or device IDs – reach bipers who have engaged with your brand or business in the past using Factbeep Audience Match.

Target a streamlined group with third-party custom audiences

With our Artificial Intelligence-based recommender system you can locate bipers based on their past buying trends or viewing pattern. Immerse yourself in an expansive and massive database to create a highly targeted model.

Maintain the link with Bipers who utilised your Factbeep Ads

Reconnect with Bipers who have interacted with your ads in the past by viewing an Image or Video ad, read, commented, or upvoted a sponsored beep.

Why Advertise on Factbeep?

Kickstart with only ₦3000

Advertise on Factbeep for as low as ₦3000 a day. Feel free to determine either of the daily or lifetime budgets we offer when designing your preferred budget without exceeding your expenditure goals.

Reach your customers

Target the Factbeep Generation based on their viewing patterns, interests, behaviors, location, and more. Connect with the people who are driving new shopping behavioural patterns.

Multiple bidding strategies

Once you’ve activated goal-based bidding, you can tweak your budget optimally towards your desired bipers actions, such as installing your app or completing a purchase.

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