The Factbeep Logo

Our logo connotes uprightness, transparency and authenticity. This symbol is put on all our products and above the line marketing materials. We want the whole world and our users to share how they feel, truly.

The logo is a combination of our brand's initial ‘F’ and a stylized Claxon. Claxon is a sound making device for calling attention and It makes a beep sound.

The logo background is Greened (29c28a), Factbeep primary brand color represents tranquility which symbolizes nature and the natural world.

Factbeep as Brand

As a brand we have chosen to embrace integrity, honesty and transparency in all our dealings considering the fact that we are a platform dedicated to putting out only authentic information for users to consume.

This we will never compromise on. As a brand, it then means our dealings with other brands must reflect these virtues we so highly regard.
We will work with brands that reflect our dedication to hard work in ensuring we rid the social media space of unverified and junk news and articles.

Brands willing to work with us should avoid scandals that may give us a bad name. We also reserve the right to cut ties with brands that try to smear our name or give us a bad reputation while working with them.

Partnership Program

The Factbeep Partner program is created to provide an interface between advertisers who buy into what we do and would love to reach our global audience to market their products and services. Our Partner program is quite seamless as our onboarding process takes great care to outline a precampaign strategy for our eventual partners and executing the campaign with style.

If your company is helping marketers solve bedeviling challenges through technology, sports, politics and other services then you may be a good fit for the Factbeep Partners program. Below is more information about Factbeep Partner categories. If you are eligible for a particular partner type and are interested partnering with us then apply now.

We are always seeking for partnerships that will further expand our mission which is to eradicate rumours, news stories and information that are false or inaccurate in our society. However, this can only happen after carrying out necessary due diligence on such bodies which may include NGOs, research and educational institutions, print media and government parastatals as we are unwilling to compromise our core values.

Do you want to partner with us?

Contact us on [email protected]