Cookies Policy

Cookies are text files containing small pieces of data- such as a username or a password that help identify your computer as you make use of a computer network to access a website. HTTP cookies are popularly used which help to identify users as well as improve your web surfing experience.

Cookies may be set by the site you are visiting (called “first-party cookies”) or by a third party, such as those who provide auditing, analytics, advertising services or interactive content on the site (“third-party cookies”).

These cookies are used to store and receive information from devices that can easily connect to a website such as computers, phones and other technology-driven devices. In this policy all such devices that can identify and keep information as described above will be referred to as "cookies" going forward.

We use cookies if you have a Factbeep account, access our website and apps, use our products (such as the Beep button) or visit third party sites and apps that use our products. Our cookies enable Factbeep to offer all our existing products to you in a personalised manner after identifying you and to understand the information that we receive about you, which includes information about your use of other websites and apps, whether or not you are registered or logged in.

This policy explains how we use cookies and the role you play with the choices available to you.

Why do we use Cookies?

We use cookies for maximum functionality of our services so you can be guaranteed the best experience. You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies as we cannot switch them off from our end but then some parts of our site may remain unavailable to you. We use session cookies that are deleted once you close your browser and persistent cookies that remain in your browser until they expire or are deleted by you. Factbeep cookies are dynamic and can change as we improve and update the Factbeep products.


We ensure your data, account and other information are secure and not easily accessible by intruders or hackers. We prevent anyone from wrongfully getting access to your Factbeep account. We also use cookies to store information that enables us to recover your account in the event that you forget or misplace your password, or to require additional verification if you tell us that your account has been hacked.

Customized Preferences

Cookies store your preferences and enable us send targeted advertisement towards you as well as provide you with customised experiences and specific content. For example, based on the kind of beeps you like and post about on Factbeep we shall send across sponsored ads relating to your preferred beeps. As an administrator, cookies will allow you to seamlessly switch between your personal account on Factbeep to your administration platform.

Analytic purposes

To further understand the behaviour pattern Factbeep products' users we use cookies to gather informative data which is channelled towards improving all users' experience on our site. A case in example occurs when cookies can help us understand how people use the Factbeep service, analyse which sections of the Factbeep Products people find most useful, intriguing as well as engaging, and identify features that could be improved.

Third-party websites and apps

We have no control over cookies used by our business partners who may share information with Factbeep from cookies set in their own websites' domains whether you are a visitor on Factbeep or registered user.

Where do we use Cookies?

Cookies are placed on your computer and devices and we receive information stored when you use or visit:

1. The Factbeep Products

2. Websites and apps that use the Factbeep Products as well as incorporate our technologies into their websites and apps. Factbeep uses cookies and receives information when you visit those sites and apps, including device information and your activity history, without any further action from you. This occurs whether or not you have a Factbeep account or are logged in.

How to control Cookies as auser

As a user, there are several ways you can control the use of Factbeep cookies and the information it gathers your device which could be a computer or a mobile phone.

One way is to use your browser settings. Your browser includes controls that allow you to manage the use of cookies by the sites that you visit. Most browsers have features that enable you to see and delete cookies that have been stored on your device and to block cookies from all or selected sites.

Your mobile device settings also allow the user to control cookies on sites you visit by using an Android or iOS operating software that allows you to install apps.