FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Factbeep is a social aggregation platform to share thoughts, vote on content, and discover what is happening around the world.

Pronounced as /biːpə/


A Biper is a fully registered Factbeep user with veritable details and verifiable username. 


Bipers are free to use all the functions of Factbeep Platform while being mindful of the App's Terms and Policies. 

Beep is popularly known as Post. 


Registered Bipers (users) submit content (post) known as Beep to the platform; rated through the verified, unverified, and confirmed sections which are then voted up or down (likes and dislikes) by other Bipers.

Creating a beep on Factbeep is simple.

Just click on "Beep" button, select the appropriate section and community (or select your profile under community if you want the beep to show only on your timeline).


Then, add your thoughts and opinions in the title/body text, video and image formats.

You can also add external (source) link and choose the country you want your beep to fall under.

Click on "Beep" button, select "Confirmed" under the section, another box will appear below to search and select the unverified beep you want to confirm.

You can then continue to select the community, add your thoughts and opinions in the title/body text, video and image formats.


Note that External (source) link is compulsory here and finally, choose the country you want your beep to fall under.

People on Factbeep share their thoughts, opinions and verified articles on various trending topics - politics, technology, vlogs, personal experiences, global, national and local news updates, cinema, finance, sports, health, business, finance, blogs, etc.

Yes, you can share a beep to other platforms or delete a beep you created. 


You can also search for certain beeps, flag and save beeps, get notifications about activities of users on your beep and enjoy other regular social media functions.

For any regular user who wants to make a claim that is verified or confirmed, user can only do so after an admin has confirmed the claim first.

This may take up to 8-24hrs or less.

However, a verified user does not need his claim or beep to be confirmed before going live.

Yes, it is important to follow at least one community when you sign up but you can unfollow after if you want to see beeps from the people you follow only.

You can block a user by visiting their profile and clicking on block 🚫 icon under the more option.

Click on "edit your profile". Look for "Username" below your profile name. You can type your desired handle name and save. Note: You will not be able to use an already used handle name because Handle name is unique to each user.

No. Your phone number is not visible to the public. You can allow it whenever you so desire.

No. Your birthday is not visible to the public. But you can edit your preferences anytime you'd want it to be visible.

Darkmode can be activated by clicking the switch button under the 'More: page or pop up. For iOS users, you have the option of using your phone default setting.

No. Although the notion of inviting guest writers and experts to research for Factbeep on special topics outside our regular writers’ beats is intriguing, we have to be extremely careful to protect the trust we have built with our users.

Yes, we do. Factbeep is available via Web and Mobile App. Simply visit www.factbeep.com or go to your Android or iOS store. Search for Factbeep, download to Share, Vote and Discover on the go.

There is no limit to the number of unverified beeps you can make as long as they are made with respect to our guidelines and standards relating to the kind of information our team are sufficiently trained to verify. Do this and you can keep beeping all the way!

Whenever we include a link that jumps you to a different section of our website (or off our site entirely), we open the linked page in a separate window to maintain continuity and ensure that you don’t lose your place.

Yes, we allow ads on our platform as well as sponsored beeps. Kindly contact ususing the information on our Contact page for more information or send us an email on [email protected]

You can get your user account verified by signing up and filling the verification form available under account settings on your user profile.

Abusive and hateful language is something we do not encourage on Beep. We request you to report such users or Beeps when you observe profanity so we can take necessary actions.

For any verification related queries kindly drop us an email at [email protected] along with your handle. FYI, we have certain guidelines that we have to adhere to in the context of providing verification badges.

Communities are general so we add new ones based on popular requests and trending topics. If you have any suggestion, you can send us via [email protected] stating the detail and reason for your request.

We have performed the remarkable feat of being decidedly unbiased in every possible direction.

We draw on publicly available information, such as statistics or primary research, to assess the validity of claims. For some topics, such as foreign affairs or defence, there is a lack of independent or unclassified sources, so we are unable to verify such claims.


We also stay away from ethical dilemmas, where the facts aren’t really in questions.

Corrections are always welcome; but keep in mind that text appearing inside a box with a coloured background is either an example of collected folklore or a quotation from another source, not our own writing.

We reproduce these items exactly as we find them and do not edit them to correct orthographical errors.

Use our feedback/bug report form under account settings on your profile to alert us to any bug, mistakes or typos you think Snopes, and not a quoted source, has perpetrated with a screenshot attached if possible.

Trending Beeps are the beeps users are actively engaging with. Beeps in trending hashtags are shown on a reaction basis and not on ‘how recent a beep’ is.


However, we will soon release a filter in the feed which will enable you change your mode from ‘Most Engaging’ post to ‘Latest’ post. For a better user experience we recommend you post a minimum of 2 quality Beeps daily.

Of course! Unless your site is throwing shade our way. Then you must link to us at least 17 times per page.

No. Using our material without our permission is copyright infringement, even if your site is non-commercial, and even if you give us credit.


Our writers and editors work hard to keep our information accurate and current, and when other people reprint our material, we no longer have any ability to update it when new information becomes available.


You are welcome to link to any of our articles from your site, but you may not reproduce the content of our pages on your own site, nor may you distribute the text of our articles via email forwards or mailing lists, or by posting them to message boards or blogs. (All of these actions constitute copyright infringement.)

If someone is impersonating you, please report such a profile speedily. To report, go to one of their Beep and click on the downward facing arrow on the right side of the Beep and then select ‘Report User’.


In that option, you will find numerous options, from which you should select Option – 1, ‘It’s a fake account (They’re pretending to be me or someone else).’

Factbeep is available now in 8 languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Igbo, Hausa, Portuguese, Yoruba.

Factbeep cannot investigate every dubious claim ever published, so we try to tackle what seems most prominent each day. In other words, we write about whatever the greatest number of readers are asking about or searching for at any given time, without any partisan considerations.


If any questionable materials come across your screen that you cannot confirm or debunk yourself, let us know. Be sure to include a link or a screenshot if you can.


Due to the volume of submissions, we receive, we regret that we may not be able to respond to you personally. Know that we are very appreciative of you taking the time to engage with www.factbeep.com

Home feed might not be refreshing due to the following reasons:

(a) Home Feed will take a little time to load if you’ve logged in after many days. Please refresh once and it will be good to go.

(b) Feeds are also dependent on the activity of the communities or profiles one follows. In case you are following fewer communities or profiles we suggest you to follow a few more interesting ones to boost your Feed.


If the issue persists for more than a day, that will be quite strange. Kindly drop us an email at [email protected] along with your handle, we will fix it.

Please check your internet speed, clear your cache files or restart the phone. If the problem still persists, this is not the expected behavior, kindly drop us an email at [email protected] along with your handle, we will fix it.

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